Elena’s Background 

Elena worked as an English teacher for more than 20 years.  She loved her job to bits and pieces as she was passionate about teaching the English language.  She has lots of interests and hobbies; playing a musical instrument and sewing are some of them.  As a child, she enjoyed cleaning, rearranging furniture and making her home a beautiful place, but what she did not know was that she had a natural creative talent to decorate!                                            

An Eye for Design and A Green Thumb 

Once Elena was introduced to HGTV, it became her most favorite channel.  She could watch it for hours.  She realized she had an eye for design and a green thumb.  By regularly watching HGTV shows she has gained lots of knowledge about interior design and she has developed an ability to decorate and make a home a desirable place.  Elena had an opportunity to decorate her first house that she and her husband bought in 2010.  After decorating her own property inside and outside, her friends and relatives complimented her on how gorgeous her house and her front and back yard looked and kept asking her to create the same kind of magic in their own homes.  A few of them have told her that her guest room reminded them of a guest room in a five-star hotel.

Passion for Styling and “Fluffing” Homes 

After touring lots of model homes throughout the Treasure Valley Area, Elena became so passionate about styling and fluffing spaces and dressing them up that she and her husband decided to sell their first home and build another one so she could have a chance to decorate again using her own ideas and make her own choices from the Design Gallery.  She staged her first home so beautifully that it sold in three days, with a cash offer well over the asking price, a sale that came to be with the buyer seeing only the staged photos and without a personal visit.  The buyer even added that on a pre-closing inspection which she attended, that the photos did not do the home justice, as the house looked even better in person!  The agent told Elena that this is almost unheard of when the buyer is a local, and it was certainly due to her efforts to stage her home.

The Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program

Now Elena had to make a new decision -to keep a job as a teacher or become a home stager, a job she became in love with.  Since Elena became so intimately involved in the design process while building her own home, she learned a lot about Design Gallery selection options. She made a decision to take The Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program, which is online courses that helped her learn more about  home staging, house fluffing and how to become a successful home stager.  All those experiences helped her understand better how to assist  customers in styling and redesigning process. Elena has lots of ideas to offer to her clients in their design choices, if they need them, when they sell their homes or buy them.

Call Elena’s Elegant Homes to receive exceptional services in staging and redesigning your living spaces.

Elena’s Home Staging Business and Her Clients’ Success

Being a school teacher in the past helped her master lots of other different skills like leadership and communication skills that led her to build her own home staging business.  Her teaching career was always about focusing on great results and helping students to be successful in life. With Elena’s constant desire to bring success in people’s lives, she will make sure that her customers, both home sellers and home buyers will feel that success when they reach their goals whether they are selling their properties for more money or they are buying the home of their dreams that suits their personality, lifestyle and budget.

Call Elena now to make an appointment for a home staging consultation to see how she, using her natural creative talents and imagination, turns your properties into “dream homes” that real estate buyers fall in love with. You will have an exciting time and a positive design experience.


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Deborah S. Roetto 

It is a pleasure to recommend Elena Young to assist you in staging your property. Elena has an amazing talent to bring out the beauty of your home through her knowledge and talent when using colors, textures and design pieces accenting rooms throughout your home. I had the privilege of listing her own home for sale a short time ago and quickly recognized her gifts in design and coloring approach. Her house was only on the market three days and each showing agent commented on the decoration techniques Elena had used throughout her home. Even my professional photographer commented on how each room was so appealing to any perspective buyer. Being in the Real Estate industry for over 24 years, I have learned that staging techniques will bring a prompt sale to any home seller and listing prices sell within 1% of the offered price. Best of all, Real Estate agents truly enjoy a well-staged home!                                                       TEAM REALTY        Office (208) 465-7770